b. 1989

Sarah Sturgis studied art at California State University, Channel Islands. She lives and works in Los Angeles.


When I began painting abstract I was grieving. I did it because I had much to say and felt too heavy to verbalize my thoughts and my feelings. I took to color and form as my means of expression, as an effort to communicate.

Now, I am in constant absorption of my surroundings. I affiliate colors to my experiences and bring them home to create an interpretation. Each piece is a story, or a building, or an outfit, or a sound, or a moment, or a hope, or a dream, or an apology, or a reliving. Sometimes I start with a single feeling. Sometimes I take all the colors from 1 day, and work until I see what it is I am trying to say. I love to let you, the viewer, associate what meaning you will to each painting. I love for my experiences to be springboards for you to bounce off into your very own.

My favorite way to work is on all fours. I favor my hands and fingernails over brush. The invigorating part of my process is that it requires me to manipulate and respond to my mediums from all distances and angles, so I am always moving.